TechnoVax is a privately held near-clinical-stage biotechnology company based in the New York metro area specializing in viral vaccine development. Our mission is to create and develop Unique and Novel vaccine technologies with no current alternatives through achieving: Ground-breaking Clinical Solutions, Optimized Effectiveness and with the Utmost Safety.

We have developed a next-generation technology platform based on Virus-Like Particles (VLP) that greatly enhances and facilitates the development and production of a limitless range of vaccines targeting the prevention of respiratory diseases as well as hemorrhagic fevers, immunodeficiency and cancers. Our novel bioengineering technology offers the ability to keep-up with constantly changing infectious treats.The industry and the scientific community strongly believe that VLP based vaccines are the Technology of the Future!

The company was founded in 2004 and its product pipeline has been rapidly maturing and we plan to approach the clinical phases with 3 main vaccines candidates:

Universal or Broadly Neutralizing Influenza Vaccine
Non-Refrigerated, Inhaled Powder or Reconstituted, Influenza Vaccine
VLP-based Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Vaccine

We have a strong network of industry, governmental agencies and academic collaborators such as:

  • Prof. Innocent N. Mbawuike, Baylor College of Medicine.
  • Prof. Paul Gottlieb, The City College of New York (CUNY).
  • Prof. Doris J. Bucher, New York Medical College.
  • National Institute of Health (NIH)
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC)