“Inhaled Powder” Vaccines

“Inhaled Powder” Vaccines

“Shelf-Stable, Self-Inhaled, Powderized” VLP Vaccines.

TechnoVax and MannKind Corp. have combined their respective technologies to create a Powder Formulation of VLP Influenza Vaccine for Intrapulmonary Self-Delivery by Inhalation.

No refrigeration is required, and because it is potentially self-administered public exposure is limited. In the event of an emerging pandemic the vaccine could be easily distributed to the population, greatly reducing the spread of the virus!


  • Extended Shelf Life and Elimination of Cold Chain results in improved distribution costs and inventory management.
  • Best Route of Immunization (mucosal surface – respiratory tract)
  • Increased Patient Acceptance (inhaled vs. injection)


VLP’s are combined with FPDK Excipient Particles for optimized airflow delivery using the Cricket Inhalation Device.